Residential Life

Living on the LCU campus enhances learning experiences while providing a community that is respectful, safe, and caring. Each residence hall and every floor has a unique environment that creates opportunities for personal growth, social events, and other community building experiences.

Undergraduate Residential Policy

All single, full-time students (12 hours or more) who are under the age of 23 at the beginning of the semester (excluding commuter students) are required to live in the residence halls. In addition, all degree-seeking students at Lincoln Christian University who have a full-time status between two schools, with the majority of their hours at LCU, are required to live in a dorm on campus. Exemptions are available by application.

Housing Exemption Applications will be reviewed by the Coordinator of Student Services. If approved, you will be contacted and the appropriate offices notified. Exemptions are valid for one semester and must be renewed each semester unless otherwise noted.

"Commuter Students" are defined as married or living with their parent or guardian. They are already exempt from these policies.

Residence Hall Directors

A Residence Hall Director (RHD) lives in an apartment located within each hall. RHD's are responsible for their hall, and have been granted authority for leadership, supervision, and discipline.

Residence Insurance

Renter's insurance is suggested for all dorm residents. LCU does not offer renter's insurance. The National Student Services, Inc. - Student Personal Property Plan is designed to be a full service, low cost program to protect your personal property. Visit for policies and cost information. If you have questions about your parent's homeowner's policy, contact your agent or ask them about NSSI.


Students may bring their vehicle to campus. Your vehicle must be registered through the Student Development Office. A fine will be charged to student vehicles that are not registered. Vehicles parked in reserved areas are subject to fees or towing. No warning tickets will be issued and the student is responsible for all fees.


All dorms have wireless Internet access.