Student Employment Program

The iServe program at Lincoln Christian University is designed to help students meet educational expenses through meaningful employment. On-Campus employment offers the following benefits:

  • A part-time job can help meet educational expenses
  • Many students desire the opportunity to be mentored by a faculty or staff member
  • A part-time job can provide valuable experiences and marketable skills to add to a resume
  • Supervisors can serve as references in the future
  • Student employees learn to see things from another point-of-view, which helps to develop analytical and critical thinking skills
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Off-Campus Employment Opportunities

Lincoln Christian University is pleased to offer the Off-Campus Employment Opportunities service at no charge to our students. The list contains open positions throughout Illinois and the United States. Open positions are provided by organization seeking an employee and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Lincoln Christian University. Candidates should contact the organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

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