Transcript Request

Please read the following for information on the available ways to send, request and pay for transcripts.

Methods of sending or receiving

Electronically (preferred over regular mail): LCU sends official transcripts electronically and securely using eSCRIP-SAFE®. Transcripts can be sent to a participating school in this list or to any individual/institution as long as we receive the recipient’s email (Note: The transcript is not sent insecurely as an email attachment. The email is used to notify the recipient of how to download the transcript).

Advantages of electronic transcripts

Cheaper - $7 per electronic transcript, $10 per mailed transcript
Faster transmission
Can't be lost in the mail
You receive an email confirmation when it is sent and when it is opened by the recipient

Important: Students enrolled before 1995 may not be eligible for electronic transcripts.

There is no reason to request more than one electronic transcript to be sent to the same email address or an electronic transcript to be sent to a school that says they do not accept electronic transcripts. There is no refund for transcript fees paid for unnecessary transcripts.

Also, if a mailed transcript is ordered to be sent to a school that accepts electronic transcripts from eSCRIP-SAFE®, the transcript will be sent electronically, rather than mailed, and there will be no refund for the $3 difference in charge.

Regular Mail: Sometimes a student or alum may still need a sealed official transcript to include in an application packet or to take to a job interview. If you have these or similar situations we can still mail an official transcript to you.

Pick up: If in the area, you may stop by the Registrar’s Office to pick up a transcript. Please allow some time for processing as the office can sometimes be busy. Regular hours are 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.

How to Request

If you will be paying the transcript fee online by credit card via PayPal's secure site click on the Request Online button below. If you would like more than one delivery method to the same destination, use another destination box on the form. If you will be paying by check click on the Print Request button below and mail the completed request with your check to:
Lincoln Christian University
Registrar’s Office
100 Campus View Dr.
Lincoln, IL 62656

NOTE: Pop-ups from must be allowed for your payment to be processed correctly. If you are paying by credit card and you do not see a PayPal window open, the window is being blocked. Allow pop-ups from and try your payment again.