Field Mentor Application

Thank you for your desire to partner with Lincoln Christian University in mentoring and preparing leaders for the world. Internships and mentoring are two of the most effective ways to equip and prepare the next generation of world impactors. We are grateful for your willingness to join us in this exciting opportunity.

The LCU Internship Program is designed to take place in an environment where students learn from someone who is currently working in the field the students seek to enter. We therefore seek to place students with mentors in the field where they will receive the best practical training and mentoring possible.

Please fully complete this application. You can navigate through this form using the Tab button on your keyboard or by using your mouse.

NOTE: If you are interested in a Worship intern do not complete the following application. Instead please contact Jeff Colleen.

If you are interested in a Business intern do not complete the following application. Instead please contact Michael Gowin.

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General Information

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Permission Request

  Please check the box if the applicant(s) agree to the following, "I/we give Lincoln Christian University permission to publicize my/our contact information which will be listed after I/we have been approved as an Internship site. It is my responsibility to update information with the Internship Office as it changes."

The Internship/Mentoring Context

*Please describe your ministry/business context in general (e.g location - urban or rural and size of ministry/business)

*Please list what type of duties your intern would be performing:

Intern Benefits

In addition to providing mentoring for the intern, we are planning to provide (check only the items that apply):
Weekly honorarium (est. weekly amount $)
Housing (what type? )
Meals (please select )
Computer access

Internship Time Frame

We would like an intern during the following time frames (select all that apply):
Fall Semester (September through December)
Fall Semester plus summer (May/June through December)
Spring Semester (January through April/May) Note: Graduating seniors must have all their academic and time (months and hours) requirements completed by May 1.
Spring Semester plus (January through August)
Summer only (for 4 hr Bivocational Missions and 3 hr Business majors only)
Yearlong (specify desired time frame)

If you are seeking to be approved for, or have already made contact with a specific LCU student to be your intern, please list his/her name and the area he/she will be working in:
Name: Area:
Name: Area:

Qualification of Mentors

Please complete an application for each potential Field Mentor. Please be sure each person being submitted as a potential Field Mentor is qualified based on the seven qualifications.

For example, if you are seeking a music intern then you need to have a full-time music minister as a mentor, not a preacher who used to do music ministry. If you want a youth intern, then you need a full-time youth minister to supervise a youth ministry intern, not a preacher who wants someone to do youth ministry, etc. We need qualified, full-time mentors in each field for our students.
* I will submit only qualified persons to be Field Mentors. They also know that I am submitting their names.

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