Lincoln Campus Activities

Athletic Events

Collegiate athletics are treasured in our Christian community. Visit our Red Lions web pages for upcoming events and sports schedules so you can join fellow students and athletes in support of LCU's athletic teams throughout the season.

Christmas in the Chapel

Christmas in the Chapel is an original yearly Christmas production that combines drama, singing, and the true meaning of Christmas, performed by the LCU Chorale. Try-outs for Chorale are at the beginning of the fall semester.

In celebration of the 25-year tradition, the Seminary student body plans a gathering before one of the prime performances of this magical musical. This gathering includes a reception, where students have the opportunity to develop new friendships and find relief in the community of other students.


Focus is a student-led worship event that takes place on the LCU campus every other Wednesday night at 9:15 p.m. It is planned for and by students. It is a time that combines growth and study with fellowship and community.

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

At the end of the spring semester, graduating Seminary students can invite a guest to join them for a special luncheon with the Seminary community. The luncheon provides an opportunity for some to express what their time in Seminary has meant to them. Attendees participate in communion together, followed by a commissioning service for the graduates by the Seminary Dean. The honors luncheon is the last Wednesday before Commencement.


The purpose of the Lincoln Christian University Intramural Program is to enrich the LCU experience for all students, faculty, and staff by providing quality opportunities for participation, healthy competition, and leadership through organized recreational activities. All students CURRENTLY enrolled at Lincoln Christian University have the opportunity to participate in the LCU Intramural Sport Program. LCU faculty and staff are also welcome and encouraged to participate.


Lincoln Christian University supports the efforts of students, church members, and nearby residents to be lifelong learners. One of the ways that LCU assists in fulfilling this goal is by inviting to campus a wide variety of noted scholars, teachers, and preachers who are influencing the church and the world today. All lectureships are free and open to the public. Click here or contact the University at 217.732.3168 for more information concerning any of our annual lectureships.

LCU Sings Out

Each year LCU's Student Cabinet hosts "LCU Sings Out," an American Idol-like event with faculty/staff judges and a wide variety of student talent. Look for flyers or ask a Student Cabinet member for more information about this event.


Merge groups are student-led clubs and ministries that bring together students who have similar interests and like to do the same things. There are a wide variety of groups with interests that include: reading, sign language, adventure, and prison ministry. Groups vary from one semester to the next depending on student interests.

Progressive Dinners

Throughout the year, the Seminary Student Cabinet organizes progressive dinners where Seminary students can meet other students while enjoying the hospitality of LCU faculty, staff, and administrators. This is an unique opportunity to get to know their Seminary family through this fun food adventure.

Spiritual Formation Retreat

In step with the University's mission and the Seminary Student Cabinet's purpose statement, the student cabinet organizes a spiritual formation retreat every year. This weekend event becomes a time of refreshment, as the Seminary community gathers in renewal of our pursuit of Christ together.

Welcome to Lincoln

Every August, on the Friday before classes begin, the Seminary provides a "Welcome to Lincoln" cookout for new Seminary students and their families. This is a time of fellowship to meet other new students, get acquainted with faculty, and begin to be immersed into the life of the Lincoln Christian University community. It is a relaxed evening of food, fellowship, and surprises!