Steve Collins

From Lincoln Christian University you can find your way to the world.

Here in the heart of the heartland, you will find yourself in the middle of everywhere...

  • In Lincoln, IL we have an active, gifted and passionate campus. We are driven to love deeply in community and to make a lasting difference in the world.
  • A 30-60 minute drive from our campus will get you to 5 cities of 100,000 people and many opportunities for recreation, employment, worship, service, entertainment, shopping, travel connections, and more.
  • You can drive to Chicago, St. Louis, or Indianapolis (and endless opportunities) in 3 hours or less.
  • Now in our 70th year, we have sent more than 15,000 alumni to every state in America and to more than 160 different countries around the world.

Students don't just come to LCU. They come through LCU ... where they grow their gifts, passion and sense of calling....where they are prepared to make a difference...and from where they find their way to the future. We're excited that you're here as you prepare for God's calling on your life. And we're eager to see where you make a difference for Christ.

We love our life together. And we're excited about the difference it makes.

The Student Development Office is here to serve you through LCU. Let us know how we can help.

Stephen Collins
Dean of Students


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