Johnny and Janelle

Johnny* (LCU '06, LCS '11) and Janelle* (LCU '08) live and serve Christ in south east Asia, but their journey together began in Lincoln, IL. They met while attending LCU and began serving together while Johnny was working as a youth minister at Lincoln Christian Church. Along the way they discovered that they both shared a heart to serve Christ overseas. In the fall of 2010, while raising support to move overseas, their first son was born. The following summer, Johnny, Janelle, and baby Will moved to south east Asia and have been serving in various ministries and business settings while learning the local language. Learning an Asian tonal language and script is not a quick process so they are still firmly in the middle of the language acquisition process and will continue to be for the remainder of their first term.

Most people are Buddhist in the country* where Johnny and Janelle live, but many facets of society are in the process of change. The country has suffered from poverty, underdevelopment, and oppression, but because of some recent changes, society is at a crossroads. People are now open to new things that they have not been open to before. Johnny and Janelle are excited to be living in these circumstances and are eager to see how people may be open to God in ways they have not been in the past. When not in language class, Johnny is involved with a training and consulting company, teaching media for a local Christian media studio, and is also helping to develop youth ministry resources and events. Janelle is busy raising Will (their second child is due in late June) and being strategic in her efforts to learn the language. In her spare time she is building relationships within the local community.

Would you pray for these alumni, that their hearts would be driven deeper into the love of God. In the midst of culture and language stress would you pray for their encouragement and endurance. Would you also pray that God would raise up workers for the harvest, and that many people would come to know His goodness in the place where they serve. If you would like to contact Johnny and Janelle you can email them at but please be sensitive in your communications.

*Last names and location are withheld for security reasons.