Alumni Spotlight: Paul (LCS ’83) and Rickie Clark

Dr. Paul (LCS MA and MDiv ’83) and Rickie Clark have served in Japan since 1985. Rickie, a graduate of San Jose Bible College (now William Jessup University) worked in the Deans’ offices at LCU from 1981-1985. Though Japan is a difficult field (less than 1% would claim to be evangelical Christians), they are still excited to serve there, knowing it to be God’s will for their lives.

Paul received his doctorate from TEDS in 1985. He was President of Osaka Bible Seminary from 1989-2001 and is now President Emeritus. Osaka Bible Seminary is the only Bible college in Japan of our heritage. Graduates serve on the main islands of Japan and some of the smaller islands as well. This summer, Rickie will begin her 30th year serving as Executive Assistant at Kansai Christian School where Paul is Chairman of the Board. One of their outreaches from their home, Hikari no Ie(House of Light) involves monthly “International Nights”: a time of games, snacks, singing, and sharing the Word. These “home parties” include as many as 12 different nationalities in one night and have been quite successful in providing an open, friendly atmosphere in which discussions can be carried on. Some have given their lives to Christ as a result. Another outreach from Hikari no Ie is a Bible and English class that Rickie teaches. They also work with the Nakaburi congregation and their pastor; Paul preaches regularly and Rickie plays the piano.

International Night worship (L) and Paul at OBS Chapel on Hope (R)

While their primary commitment has been to the evangelization of Japan and the building up of the Church there, from the beginning they have seen Japan as a "great door for the Gospel" to Greater Asia. God has opened doors for them to Asia and they make regular short-term missionary trips to Mongolia every year, Paul having entered Mongolia 24 times since 1999.  Because Paul was a Green Beret, they were asked to work with the Centurions Ministry, an outreach to the Mongolian military. They have been to many of the border posts, speaking to officers on ethics, family life, and developing character qualities in the military, as well as traveling on a 1,500 mile Jesus Film trip to share the gospel with the nomads. Paul has addressed the Mongolian equivalent of the Pentagon, encouraging them to form a chaplaincy in the military. He also addressed the Ulaanbaatar Police Force.

Paul & Rickie in a Mongolian Ger (L). At a border post on the Gobi desert (R).

Visit their website, Their email address is  They also send out a monthly eUpdate which you can request by writing to them.