iServe Student Appreciation Day Observed April 22, 2014

Lincoln Christian University’s (LCU) second annual open house for iServe Student Appreciation Day was held Tuesday, April 22 at The Warehouse Student Center. The 2 ½ -hour event, sponsored by the Student Development office, played host to nearly all 150 LCU student workers and their supervisors in a show of respect and gratitude. The student center was decorated with photos of the workers on its walls and projected from the big-screen TV. Participants enjoyed lots of laughter and fun, with prizes for almost everyone alongside mounds of popcorn and unlimited soda.

This year, nominations were made for undergraduate and graduate Student Employees of the Year. The awards went to undergraduate Kevin Chval of Student Development and graduate Calla Wolfe of the Registrar’s Office. Here is what their supervisors said:

chval,-Kevin-2-WEB.pngLauren Grenlund, Office Manager of Student Development about Chval: Kevin is my student worker in the Student Development office and came in this semester to help me with Restoration Week. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Kevin and I were asked to plan and execute Restoration Week with no prior experience. It was a learning process for both of us but he worked right alongside me, putting in countless hours. Kevin continued to work and answer emails/questions during his Restoration Week, Spring break week, and weekends off. He NEVER complained and gave up his free time so that 30 trips and 275 students could serve the Kingdom on their Restoration Week trips around the world. Working 25+ hours a week and still balancing his academic schedule successfully shows his commitment and dedication. The work he did was always top-notch and I never had to follow-up with him to ensure work was completed on time. In our office, it is essential our workers can complete a great deal of work in a timely manner and he went above and beyond to not only complete the work, but improve processes. He is a joy to work with and he truly deserves this honor. 

Wolfe,-Calla-2-WEB.pngShawn Smith, Registrar and MaryAnn Rea, Assistant Registrar about Wolfe: Calla began working for us in August of 2011, the semester she became a student in the Seminary.  Her official title is Registrar's Assistant.  Her major responsibility is processing transcripts for us, as well as providing customer service to those who walk in or telephone our office. Since one of her primary tasks is processing transcripts, she has gone above and beyond by suggesting improvements to the process or dealing with things as technology breaks either by working with CT directly or having me recommend changes depending on the situation.

In addition to providing customer service and processing transcripts, Calla also gracefully handles projects we give to her when the need arises.  Her excellent attention to detail makes her one of the best proofreaders we have had in a student worker.  When I give her something to proof for me, I know if there is a mistake, she will find it!

Student employees serve in an impressive array of offices at LCU, ranging from grounds keeping and maintenance to library and marketing assistants. Graduate and teaching assistantships are also part of the student workforce and are a great aid to faculty, instructors and administrative officers. 

“The event was a huge success,” said Belinda Landry, Director of Student Success and event organizer. “It showed our student employees how much our campus appreciates their service and contributions to the daily operations at LCU. I believe the term ‘iServe’ rightly reflects what they humbly and willingly do all year long.”