Indy Area Seminary Degree Program Off to A Great Start

Robyn Priest of eastern Indianapolis, was already up to her ears in responsibility. As a full-time minister, she loved her job but also desired a more formal study of the God she taught others about each week.

“I had wanted to take seminary classes for some time, but thought it was too late for me,” Priest said, “being in full-time ministry made it too challenging, time-wise.”

That all changed when Priest learned of Lincoln Christian Seminary’s Master of Arts (MA) in Ministry degree. The graduate-level program is currently offered at LCU's new Indianapolis extension site in McCordsville. Students can earn a fully-accredited seminary degree, just 25 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, at its facility in Outlook Christian Church.  

“This program is flexible and reasonably paced,” said Priest, now a student at the McCordsville site, “I am energized by the study and inspired by the lectures and discussion.”

In addition to its close proximity, the program’s uniquely versatile format accommodates a demanding lifestyle without compromising the integrity of instruction or coursework. The online, on-site program consists of foundation courses, focus courses, and field experiences. Foundation courses provide students with essential knowledge of theology and ministry in general, while focus courses allow students to apply those fundamentals to the specific ministry areas they’re interested in. The subsequent field experience fuses foundational principles and focal instruction into practical, hands-on learning that is the capstone of the program. 

Most students can complete the degree in three years or less. 

“For anyone looking to answer God’s call, this is a great opportunity,” said Greg Coval, another MA student who had contemplated formal theological study in the past, “I didn’t have to quit my career or even interrupt my busy family life. I am being challenged to grow, and this program will equip me to serve [God] and make a Kingdom difference.” 

Like Priest, Coval jumped at the chance to earn an accredited seminary degree from an established institution, all within a few miles of work, family and friends.

“What makes this program distinct is its flexibility, affordability, and practicality,” says professor and Program Director, Dr. Rob McCord. “The potent combination of focus courses and field experiences customizes half of the coursework to each student. Yet the foundation courses ensure that every student builds that customization on solid ground.” 

Kelly Grimmett, a lawyer in Indianapolis, had not attended school since completing her law degree in 1989. The thought of returning to books, papers and exams was unsettling, but did not stop her from enrolling.

“The coursework has been energizing,” Grimmett said, “and LCU has made re-entry into the world of academia a comfortable experience. I am gaining a solid understanding of the requirements involved in ministry leadership.”

“The students are excited about the opportunity to begin their seminary education,” said McCord. “For some, this is a dream come true: a chance to further fulfill their calling... We are truly co-learners together, which allows us all – faculty and students – to get the most from each class.”

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