Off-Campus Access

Current LCU students, faculty, and staff may access the Library's online resources from off-campus.

  1. Access the Library database or research tool of your choice by clicking the appropriate link on the Library web site.
  2. The following screen will appear requesting that you enter your LCU network username and Password:
    Proxy Login
  3. Type your Username and Password in the text boxes provided.
  4. Click Submit to enter your Username and Password.

Your Username and Password allows access to all library databases until your internet connection is closed.

While we are willing to assist you in getting access to the Library's databases from off-campus, there are a number of factors that could prevent your access which are outside of our control. For example, these databases are accessed through a proxy server, which some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) may be blocking. Also, if you are running a personal firewall on your computer, that could also prevent access. The proxy server uses port 2048. If you are never prompted for a username and password then the problem is with either port 2048 being blocked or your ISP not allowing proxies or both. Neither the Library staff nor the CT staff at LCU can assist you in working with your ISP or personal firewall software.