Information Literacy

The Jessie C. Eury Library staff is committed to assisting you in planning and incorporating Information Literacy into your courses and assignments. The Library Staff is dedicated to meeting the University student learning objective which states students "develop the skills and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning". This commitment and dedication is shown in our Information Literacy Program.

Information Literacy Program

The mission of the Jessie C. Eury Library is to facilitate the teaching, research and lifelong learning of its students and faculty by assessing, anticipating, and providing essential resources, services, and instruction. The foundation for achieving this mission is our information literacy program. This program is an integral part of the library's contribution to assist Lincoln Christian University in achieving its strategic plan. The program helps both the University meet their learning objectives and fulfill the information literacy criteria of their accrediting agencies.

We believe...

  • that information literacy is not an end in itself, but rather a means to equip a student to be a lifelong learner. Without information literacy, lifelong learning cannot occur.
  • that information literacy empowers a student to locate, evaluate, and communicate information now and in the future.
  • that information literacy instruction should teach foundational, transferable concepts for lifelong learning.
  • that information literacy should be planned across the curriculum to facilitate the strategic introduction, reinforcement, and expansion of information literacy concepts.
  • that information literacy instruction must support faculty learning objectives. Students learn information literacy best in the context of course assignments.
  • that information literacy can best be achieved through collaboration and partnership between librarians and classroom faculty.
  • that information literacy should permeate the library's philosophy, programming, and planning.

And therefore we pledge...

  • to continue to teach information literacy to students, in and out of the classroom, in partnership with classroom faculty.
  • to assess our program, using the outcomes in the national Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, to ensure that our instruction meets student and faculty needs.
  • to develop course web pages in conjunction with in-class information literacy instruction.
  • to offer assistance in the development of assignments that reinforce information literacy concepts while achieving the professor's goals for the course.
  • to maintain an information literacy focus on the library's Web site so it can be used to reinforce students' skills.
  • to welcome faculty input about how else we can help!

Our vision is that this information literacy program, accomplished in collaboration with faculty, will become a hallmark of Lincoln Christian University. Our graduates, trained in information literacy, will be recognized as exemplary lifelong learners, just as they are currently recognized for their mission-mindedness and worldview eyes.

Librarians are available to:

In addition, the Library staff provides guides describing how to search each of the Jessie C. Eury Library's resources for the use of you and your students.

The Library keeps electronic copies of course syllabi. These are available to faculty upon request.

Scheduling an Information Literacy Session

Librarians are available to teach Information Literacy sessions for any course or group of students. Librarians will meet with each instructor to create a tailored session specifically for their class and assignment. Information Literacy sessions may be held for any class during class time or during an alternate time. Sessions may be held for an entire class or smaller groups.

If you have further questions about Information Literacy Sessions, contact the Library.