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Lincoln Christian University established the China Institute in 2012. With Lincoln Christian University‘s more than 70 years of history and profound academic background, the China Institute has a wealth of teaching resources, excellent faculty and a friendly environment. The China Institute staff members understand the challenges and difficulties a new international student could encounter in an unfamiliar environment. From the time you submit your application through the time you are successfully enrolled in your ideal program, our passionate and thoughtful team of servant-leaders will provide you professional service. Our aim is to provide home-like warmth and care for each student. We eagerly look forward to welcoming you as your brand new future begins here in Lincoln, Illinois.

林肯基督教大学中国学院于2012年正式成立。借林肯基督教大学近70年的办学历史和深厚的学术底蕴,中国学院得以拥有丰富的教学资源,雄厚的师资力量和淳朴的人文环境。 学院团队深切感受和理解学生来到陌生环境中即将遇到的挑战和机遇 。从提交申请开始到成功的进入你理想的专业,你将体会到学院团队热情、认真、细致、专业的支撑服务。我们的宗旨是为每一个学员提供家的温暖和关怀。 我们热切的期待与你一起步入你始于林肯的灿烂未来!

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  • Mr. Jian Zhu, Director
  • Mr. Weilun Lee, Associate Director

English Language Academy


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Student Activities & Organizations
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The United States higher education system differs significantly from China’s high school education system. Education methods, education patterns, and administration are a few of these differences. College/university education in the United States emphasizes students’ critical and creative thinking, learning and teaching methods, and exam patterns. These are vastly different from a Chinese college education. Taking a college preparatory course in the English language will help students succeed and easily transition to degree programs at United States colleges and universities.

Benefits for students applying to study in the English Language Academy:

  • Emphasis will be given to speaking, listening, grammar, writing, and reading.
  • Students will be immersed in American culture which will assist in adapting to academic and daily life.
  • No TOEFL or IELTS scores are required.
  • Small class size.
  • Upon successful completion of the English Language Academy, students may continue study in a full degree program at LCU or other colleges.
  • Students may be able to take an undergraduate course at LCU on non-credit basis.
  • Affordable tuition, fees, and living expenses.


入学优势: 大学英语及美国文化课程,免托福或雅思成绩入学。
选校优势 完成课程并通过考试后,学生可申请美国各类大学或留在林肯读本科学位。
课程设置: 小班教学,全英语授课,根据学生的英语程度来进行各种的语言学习及训练,
选课优势: 在学习阶段,学生们还可以旁听部分大学的本科课程(不计学分)。
学费优势: 2万多美元的学杂费与食宿费低于美国私立大学的预科班平均费用。;

2- and 4-Year Degree Programs


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These programs are for students who have met the minimum requirement for English language skills and wish to pursue a degree program at an accredited higher education institution.

Bachelor Degrees Offered (4-year):
  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • General Studies
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Teacher Education
Associate Degrees Offered (2-year):
  • Pre-Nursing
  • Early Childhood

Other programs may be available. The list above is not comprehensive. Graduate and Seminary degrees are not listed but offered.



  • 工商管理学、心理学、哲学、大众传媒学、早期儿童教育、教育领导力、师范教育、跨文化交流、大学普通科等。
  • 早期儿童教育专业、前护士护理专业(第三第四年可以在和林肯合作办学的大学或其它大学完成,获本科学位)

Training Seminar and Summer Camp Program


Facilities Hosted Events

Lincoln Christian University (LCU) has opened is facilities and resources to groups looking for a host site for training seminars and summer camp programs. LCU partners with America China Civic Exchange (ACCE) and its partner organizations to host an English and Character Summer Camp for Chinese youth and families. LCU has also partnered with ACCE to host an Early Childhood Principal and Teacher Seminar for Chinese teachers wishing to learn more about best practices in working with young children and about the American education system.

Groups wishing to attend a training seminar or summer camp program can contact the LCU China Institute.

林肯国际大学欢迎中国的企业家和教育者来林肯参加培训、研讨会,也欢迎青少年朋友来参加夏令营。林肯国际大学和美中民间交流协会在2011 年合作举办了英语夏令营。2012 年,双方将合作举办早期儿童教育园长及骨干教师研讨会,以及青少年夏令营等。中国学院也是美国教育市场中的一个创新之举,极具前瞻性和整合性。它可以和各种有意向和创新理念的教育机构及学府合作,共同打造美中之间互惠共赢的教育平台,为两国之间培养国际性领袖人才。有兴趣参加者请和中国学院办公室联络。