Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Affordability and value are key features of Lincoln Christian University. Click here for detailed information on tuition rates as well as other applicable charges and fees. Our Net Price Calculator can help you get an estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses, should you choose to enroll at Lincoln Christian University.

Payment Options

Tuition and Fees may be paid in full before the first day of classes, or you may select a payment plan. Select one of these links for more details.


There are times when our students choose to withdraw from a class. Please familiarize yourself with the refund policy.

Scholarships & Grants

Click here for a list of scholarships and grants available from Lincoln Christian University.


Students must be enrolled at least half-time to qualify for student loans. Click here for more information.

Student Employment

For information on employment opportunities on and off campus, click here.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal law requires that students receiving Title IV funds (Pell Grant, Supplemental Education Grant, Federal Work-Study and all federal loans) meet a satisfactory academic progress guideline.

Consumer Information Reporting

In compliance with Federal Regulations, information about Lincoln Christian University is provided here for enrolled and prospective students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for answers to financial questions about your education.

Contacting the Financial Aid Office

Investing in higher education is an important step you will make that will last a lifetime. We want you to secure the financial assistance you need to complete all your educational goals here at Lincoln Christian University. Financial assistance is available through federal, state, private, and LCU funds. Approximately 80% of our students receive scholarships, grants, loans, and work opportunities.

Feel free to call us at (217) 732-3168, stop by our office in the Warehouse Student Center (next door to the mailroom), or email us for help.

Our hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.The financial aid staff at Lincoln Christian University looks forward to assisting you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your school code to put on the FAFSA?


Where can I download the Endowment Scholarship application that is due on March 15?

Please see our undergraduate or graduate form.

Are there additional scholarships available for new or returning students?

You can click here to see additional options.

Where will I get a form to apply for federal and state programs?

The form you need to complete is called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and it can be completed online at To apply online, you must first be assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the U.S. Department of Education. You may apply for a PIN number at

What if my taxes are not completed by the college's deadline to apply for aid?

Most schools will permit you to use an estimate to file the FAFSA; however, you will have to provide completed federal income tax information before actual awards will be made.

I don't know which college I'm going to attend.

All schools that you list on the FAFSA will receive an Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR).

How much time elapses before I am notified of the amount of financial aid that I may receive?

LCU receives notification of your FAFSA, 48 hours after you submit it. We will send out an award letter to admitted students as soon as possible. If you have filed and haven't heard from us within a week, please contact the admissions office and they'll get you the appropriate information.

Since I applied for aid I (or my spouse) got a new job. We aren't going to earn as much money from the new job as we did from the previous job. Can I receive more financial aid?

Contact the financial aid office. The financial aid administrator will want to review your situation and can then make an individual decision regarding your financial aid award.