James D. Strauss Institute

Formerly known as the Issachar Institute, the newly named Institute honors Dr. James D. Strauss. The Apologetics Project will be housed within the Strauss Institute.

Activities of the Institute include:

  • Room For Doubt, a new apologetics initiative to provide learning experiences and resources to substantiate the faith of committed Christians, regenerate the faith of younger Christians who have doubts about their heritage, and vindicate the Christian faith to non-Christians.
  • James D. Strauss Worldview Lectureship, honoring the legacy of former Lincoln Christian Seminary theology and philosophy professor, Dr. James D. Strauss, who is credited with bringing the concept of "Biblical worldview" to the LCU campus. This annual lectureship (held the first week in October) endeavors to reinforce Dr. Strauss' defining Scriptural verse: "to bring every thought captive to Christ" (2 Cor. 10:5) by inviting some of the finest minds in the Christian world to address a wide variety of disciplines, especially in the areas of Biblical studies, theology, philosophy, apologetics, and contemporary culture.

It is anticipated that more initiatives will be created within the Strauss Institute in the future. The recently established Endowment for the James D. Strauss Institute will assist in funding these initiatives.