Internship Program

The Internship Program at Lincoln Christian University has been developed to be an integral part of the student’s training for ministry. LCU believes that students need an opportunity to experience ministry, to reflect upon that ministry experience with a mentor, to articulate insights gained, and to plan for future ministry utilizing the newly learned insights. The internship experience will help students integrate formal and informal learning and enhance their educational experience. Ideas learned in the classroom will be tried and evaluated in actual ministry settings.

Lincoln Christian University’s goal for the internship is to prepare Christian leaders for the world, who are growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ, in their ministry skills, and in their vision for the Kingdom of God.

Additional Information:

Specific Field Mentor Information

Field Contact
Biblical Studies
Business Administration Michael Gowin
Children and Family Studies
Intercultural Studies Dr. Mike Nichols
Preaching Ministry Dr. LC Sutton
Psychology Larry Roberts
Spiritual Formation Dr. Neal Windham
Worship Ministry Jeff Colleen
Youth and Family Ministry Rondel Ramsey