Endowed Gifts

Live your mission by making a difference in the life of a Lincoln Leader.

Growing Lincoln Christian University’s (LCU) endowment is a direct way to help aspiring Lincoln Leaders afford the education they want. LCU has nearly 90 named endowed scholarships and other endowed funds totaling about $4 million.

Your endowed scholarship will make a difference in the lives of future Lincoln Leaders and leave a lasting legacy of your Kingdom priorities.

  • $10,000 minimum (single gift or funded over five years)
  • Conditions and applicant requirements for the award are agreed upon when the endowment is established
  • Scholarship name is determined by the donor and may honor a loved one or bear a family name
  • LCU’s Office of Financial Aid oversees the disbursement of funds
  • Scholarships may gain value over the years – increasing the amount of assistance to Lincoln Leaders
  • You may grow your endowment over time in the following ways:
    • Regular gifts to LCU that are restricted to your endowment
    • Additional gifts from your church, family, and friends
    • Include the scholarship in your will or Living Trust
      (LCU’s Planned Gift Department can explore these options with you)
    • Contribute through planned gifts, such as charitable gift annuities or gifts of appreciated stocks (these types of gifts may provide specific tax advantages to you as well)

If you are not ready for a named endowment of your own, you may want to join others in honoring a special professor who made a difference in your life by adding to one of the existing endowments that honor current and former faculty members:

  • Boatman International Scholarship
  • Dr. Thomas G. and Jan S. Ewald Scholarship
  • Earl C and Jesse A. Hargrove Scholarship
  • Dr. Marion W. Henderson Preaching Scholarship
  • Dr. M. Lynn and Ruth Ann Hieronymus Scholarship
  • Dr. Robert Lowery Scholarship
  • Charles E. and Allene M. Mills Scholarship
  • Bruce R. Parmenter Scholarship
  • Shaw Chair of Preaching
  • Strauss Chair of Worldview Studies
  • S. Edward Tesh Scholarship
  • John M. and Edith J. Webb Scholarship

Not all endowments are for scholarships. Other endowments may be established for:

  • Facilities: A building may be named through an endowment and the proceeds used to maintain the facility.
  • Faculty chairs: Any existing department chair may have a name attached to it. The endowment goes to pay part or all of the salary of the professor who holds the chair.
  • Academic conferences and special programs: Lectureships, seminars, visiting scholars and more may be funded through an endowment.
Dr. Dale and Dr. Janet Chitwood

“The two most important components of LCU are her students and the professors who mentor them. We are pleased to honor Janet’s parents with a scholarship for future teachers because Janet was both an elementary teacher and a professor of teacher education. And, it is a pleasure to support outstanding publication awards for LCU professors in appreciation for their dedication to scholarship.”
Dr. Dale and Dr. Janet Chitwood
Ross & Ruth Sickmiller Memorial Scholarship
Outstanding Faculty Research Award
Outstanding Journal Article Award Fund

Ruth and George McCarty

“Some of my father’s last words were, ‘How can they hear without a preacher and how can they preach unless they are sent?’ My mother and father loved ministers and their families and showered them with gifts and encouragement. We want to keep sending and encouraging preachers for years to come with this scholarship in their names.”
Ruth and George McCarty, Harold H. and Lois A. Huck Scholarship

June Johnston

“Our father was a Sunday School teacher and youth sponsor all our growing up years. He also served as elder for 50 years at First Christian Church in Wood River. When he retired from his teaching and administrator position, he worked with the Gideons until his death. My mother worked along with him in the church and Gideons. She served as the nursery teacher for 25 years. The scholarship is set up to honor their service to the Lord and His church. My two sisters and I all graduated from Lincoln Christian University and we would like to help others who want to preach the word be able to get the knowledge and training they need to continue the spreading of God's Word to our world.”
June Johnston, Harold H. and Lois A. Huck Scholarship

Jeff and Sharon Kennedy

“Bob Lowery was my teacher, mentor, and friend. He also ministered to my congregations in Bone Gap and Assumption, Illinois, where I pastored for 24 years. He was loved by the people in both congregations. My wife and I could not think of anything more fitting than to establish an endowment scholarship that would honor his name for future Seminary students.”
Jeff and Sharon Kennedy, Dr. Robert Lowery Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs.  Floyd Kline

“For several years I have honored my senior ministers by establishing an endowed scholarship in their names at their alma mater. This year I was able to do so for Mark Wright, our senior minister for the last 22 years at the Hazel Dell Christian Church in Carmel, Indiana. Mark is a 1983 alumnus of Lincoln Christian University. I can’t think of a better way to honor him than by providing financial assistance in perpetuity to train the next generation of leaders.”
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. Kline, Jr., Mark and Sarah Wright Scholarship

Jean Pelham

“My late husband was a strong believer in the importance of education, and my parents financially supported Lincoln Christian. Following their deaths, I wanted to find a way to honor my family and their love of LCU and to help share the message of Jesus Christ. Establishing the scholarship is one way to accomplish both of those things.”
Jean Pelham, Brancato-Pelham Scholarship

Williams Brothers

The Williams brothers want to honor their father. Paul writes, "Our father had a heart for the preaching ministry for all of his 89 years. He proved that God is faithful and will supply. Now it’s time to pay it forward. Let’s help the next generation of preachers in training."
Gerald Williams (LCS ‘69)
Paul Williams (LCS ‘65)
Lake Wales, FL and Kendallville, IN
Williams Brothers Military Assistance Scholarship