General Information

Intramural sign-up sheets can be found online or in the Laughlin Center front lobby on the Intramural Sports bulletin board. Intramural Sports flyers will be posted around campus for each sport activity. All Intramural Sports activities will be played on either Tuesday or Thursday nights. Please contact Student Development with any questions.


The mission of LCU's Intramural Sports program is to enrich the LCU experience for all students, faculty and staff by providing quality opportunities for participation, healthy competition and leadership through organized recreational activities. The overall aim is to provide opportunities for the LCU community to participate and have fun in an athletic environment while upholding our core values to glorify God in all we do, develop Christian character and be a responsible steward of God-given talents.


All students currently enrolled at Lincoln Christian University have the opportunity to participate in Intramural Sports activities. LCU faculty and staff are also welcome and encouraged to participate.

Team Entry

The team captain must submit the team roster to the director of Intramural Sports before the sign-up deadline. The captain must turn in their phone number, email address and a list of the team members. Each sport has a minimum and maximum amount of players allowed on a team (see handbook). Players may sign up as individuals by filling out a free agent form.

Risk Statement

The possibility of injury exists in all sports. The LCU Intramural Sports department and the Student Development office assume no responsibilities for injuries. All participants acknowledge the assumption of risk by voluntary participation in any Intramural Sports activity.

Sports Programs

The LCU community is encouraged to get involved in one or more Intramural activity. There are a variety of sports programs offered at LCU to participate in.



Lincoln Christian University is a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association.