Restoration Awards

2014 Dr. Paul E. Boatman - Pastoral Care
2014 Patsy J. Wilson - Kingdom Service
2013 Freddie L. Tedrick - Kingdom Service
2013 Michael Kilgallin - Kingdom Service
2013 Dr. John D. Castelein - Christian Higher Education
2012 Gerald and Ruth Denny - Missions
2012 Dr. Gary H. Hall - Christian Higher Education.
2011 Alan W. Kline - Higher Christian Education
2011 Charles R. Richardson - Preaching Ministry
2011 George W. Ross - Preaching Ministry
2011 Walter D. Zorn - Higher Christian Education
2010 Dr. Mark Searby, Higher Christian Education
2010 Dr. James D. Craig, Christian Counseling
2010 Kenneth G. Rutledge, Christian Camping
2010 David L. Upchurch, Preaching Ministry
2009 David Buche, Preaching Ministry
2009 Ben Merold, Preaching Ministry
2009 Faye Plunkett, Early Childhood Education
2009 Ronald Ritchey, Missions
2009 Robert Stacy, Christian Leadership
2008 Mark Gallagher, Campus Ministry
2008 Scott Payne, Homeless Mission
2008 Wing Wong, Kingdom Service
2007 Yoon Kwon Chae, Kingdom Leadership
2007 Henry M. Johnson, Jr., Prison Chaplaincy
2007 Robert Lowery, Christian Higher Education
2007 James L. Phillips, Preaching/Church Planting
2006 Curt Nordhielm, Missions
2006 Janet Shaw, Christian Higher Education
2006 John and Deanna Walker, Christian Counseling
2006 Richard Wamsley, Preaching Ministry
2005 Gene B. Appel, Preaching Ministry
2005 Danny D. Clymer, Christian Higher Education/Church Planting
2005 Stanton L. Endicott, Music and Worship Ministry
2005 Twila J. Sias, Christian Education
2005 Martha L. Wade, Missions
2005 Gary D. York, Preaching Ministry
2004 R. Darryl Bolen, Preaching Ministry
2004 John L. Derry, Christian Higher Education
2004 John E. Plunkett, Kingdom Service
2004 Thomas M.Tanner, Christian Higher Education
2003 Mike Breaux, Preaching Ministry
2003 Chaplain Karen Diefendorf, Military Chaplaincy
2003 Kaylene Idleman, Christian Higher Education/Women’s Ministry
2003 J. K. Stevens, Christian Education
2002 Keith H. Ray, Kingdom Leadership
2002 Mark R. Scott, Christian Higher Education
2002 Leslie L. White, Preaching Ministry
2001 Michael L. Chambers, Christian Higher Education
2001 J. Kent Hickerson, Preaching Ministry
2001 Marjorie C. Iden, Christian Education
2001 Lynn R. Laughlin, Kingdom Building
2000 Carroll Kakac, Preaching Ministry
2000 Frank Reynolds, Preaching Ministry
2000 Suzann K. Rogers, Kingdom Service
2000 William Stark, Preaching Ministry
1999 Jeffrey G. Colleen, Christian Music
1999 Charles A. Crane, Christian Higher Education
1999 Janice Wilhoit Smith, Mission Education
1999 Terry E. Tanner, Preaching Minister (posthumously)
1998 William R. Baker, Restoration Advancement
1998 David L. Clark, Preaching Ministry
1998 Lawrence D. Leathermon, Christian Higher Education
1997 Salvatore Brunsvold, Campus Ministry (posthumously)
1997 David Butts, Prayer Ministry
1997 Neil Larimore, Preaching Ministry
1996 Dennis N. Corley, Preaching/Church Planting
1996 Carl and Shirley Dahlquist, Christian Camping
1996 Aloa J. Harris,Christian Higher Education
1996 Dwain C. Illman, Christian Medicine
1995 Joseph C. Grana, Christian Ministry/Higher Education
1995 Robert W. Green, Christian Ministry
1995 J. David Lang, Seniors Ministry
1994 Donald L. Green, Kingdom Leadership
1994 James B. North, Restoration History/Journalism
1993 E. Russell Bone, Prison Chaplaincy
1993 J. Howard Kraps, Christian Ministry
1993 Mariellen Ward, Christian Education
1992 J. Leroy and Claudia Boldon, Christian Music Education
1992 Gerald E. Martin, Chaplaincy
1992 Neil M. Norheim, Preaching Ministry
1992 James D. Strauss, Christian Higher Education
1991 Don and Norma Burney, Missions
1991 Larry and Nancy Doggett, Missions
1991 Archie and Marguerite Fairbrother, Missions
1991 Harold and Rosalyn Merritt, Missions
1991 Mathew and Rachel Varughese, Missions
1989 George Bajenski, Missions/Evangelism
1989 Loren Deckard, Preaching Ministry
1989 Lynn Hieronymus, Christian Higher Education/Preaching (posthumously)
1988 Delmar Debault, Evangelism
1988 Charles McNeely, Kingdom Leadership
1988 Dennis Slaughter, Preaching Ministry
1987 Kenneth Bennett, Evangelism
1987 Roberta Chambers, Church Music
1987 Thomas McGee, Preaching
1987 Gordon Nelson, Missions
1986 Charles Johnson, Evangelism
1986 Sally Miller, Church Secretary
1986 Sandra Payne, Benevolence
1986 Charles Webb, Christian TV/Evangelism
1985 Vicki Drummond, Deaf Ministry
1985 Debbie Klahn, Deaf Ministry
1985 Richard Sprague, Missions and Benevolence
1985 Galen Winters, Counseling/Ethnic Evangelism (posthumously)
1984 David Corts, Evangelism
1984 David Roadcup, Christian Higher Education/Youth Ministry
1984 Wayne Shaw, Christian Higher Education
1984 Julia Staton, Christian Journalism
1983 Tom Ewald, Christian Higher Education
1983 Weymuth Mason, Kingdom Service
1983 Janet Schultz, Church Secretary
1982 Gary Black, Youth Ministry
1982 Enos Dowling, Restoration History
1982 Earl and Jessie Hargrove, Kingdom Building
1981 Verneil V. Garren, Preaching and Evangelism
1981 Kenneth D. Idleman, Preaching/Christian Higher Education
1980 Ron and Carolyn Butler, Missions
1980 Charles Lee, Christian Ministry
1980 Dean Sloniger, Christian Ministry
1979 The Good Twins, Dwight and Dwayne, Church Music /Evangelism
1979 Charles Mills, Christian Higher Education
1979 S. Edward Tesh, Christian Higher Education
1978 Robert Graham, Christian Ministry
1978 Phyllis Sanders, Journalism
1978 David Taylor, New Church Evangelism
1977 Donald Gee, Ministry
1977 Luther Perrine, Christian Education/Evangelism
1976 Flora Maye (Guernsey) Jones, Journalism
1976 Rondal Smith, Missions/Evangelism
1976 Roger Thomas, Campus Ministry/Journalism
1975 Fred Green, Missions
1975 Verlin Parker, Christian Higher Education
1975 Bruce Parmenter, Christian Higher Education
1974 Eleanor Daniel, Christian Education
1974 Leland Short, New Church Evangelism
1974 Knofel Staton, Christian Journalism
1973 Ariel C. Brady, Preaching Ministry
1973 Richard Jorgensen, Alumni Ministry
1973 Joe Seggelke, Printing Ministry
1972 Jane McCammack, Secretarial Ministry
1972 Robert Sloniger, Preaching Ministry
1972 John D. Webb, Christian Higher Education
1971 George Gahr, Christian Benevolence
1970 Donn Leach, Christian Higher Education
1970 Robert Mills, Missions
1969 Vaughn Beeman, Ministry with Youth
1969 Robert Phillips, Christian Ministry
1969 Valeta Wright, Christian Education/Civic Responsibility
1968 Paul Benjamin, Christian Higher Education
1968 Darrell Terry, College-Career Ministry
1967 Garland Bare - Missions
1966 Marion Henderson, Christian Higher Education
1966 John Mann, Christian Higher Education
1966 Thomas W. Overton, Christian Ministry