Pastor's Retreat Network

A Remarkable Retreat Opportunity for Pastors and Their Spouses

Pastors Retreat Network House

Lincoln’s Alumni Office has learned of a retreat center . . . exclusively for those in full-time located ministry, including preaching/lead ministers, associate ministers, youth ministers, etc., that provides, with only minimal cost to a pastor couple of $495, an opportunity for retreat, rest, reflection, with year-around comfort including a beautiful lodge, private room and bath, and daily meals ( 3 per day). Scholarship funds are available for those unable to afford the $495. The $495 provides for 1/3 of the overall cost of attending. The balance of the expense is provided by donor friends and corporations. The retreat experience has no classes and no schedules. "God creates His own lesson plan in each heart." However, guests may select from three distinct experiences (see their web site for more details). The retreat experience begins at 6pm on Sunday and ends at 10am on Friday.

There are a total of three retreat centers, with one located in Wisconsin, another in Ohio, and a third in Texas. We are excited about the invitation that has been extended to our alumni to experience a retreat experience that is designed to deepen both marriage and ministry for a lifetime.

Pastors Retreat Network House

The Pastor’s Retreat Network serves full-time local church pastors and their spouses, accommodates adults only, and reservations are required. The fees for their services are a gift from foundations, corporations, laity, previous guests, and churches who share their vision.

Please visit the Pastors Retreat Network or call 1.866.703.9544, and learn how you can benefit from this remarkable opportunity.