Give to Alumni Fund

It is a remarkable mix of gifts that can be found among our alumni who meet the challenges of Kingdom Work in countless ways, whether in paid or unpaid settings. It is a wonderful plan in motion . . . God’s plan . . . that some are given to preaching, some to teaching, some to care giving, some to music, some to administration, some to counseling, some to hospitality, and the list is endless. We have all been called to use whatever gifts we have been given to serve others in the church and in the world.

What a beautiful cloth you are helping to weave, with your own special thread that comes together with thousands of others to make up a beautiful tapestry of Lincoln Christian alumni at work.

But it is not finished. There are lives that have yet to find their places of service and contributions to the Lincoln Christian alumni tapestry. As our Alumni Services ministry continues, it flows out of what we are able to do through you and this place that we dearly love. Thank you for your part in this grand picture.

Lynn Laughlin

Each year our alumni pledge their support for projects that would otherwise be paid out of the school’s general fund such as special projects, scholarships, library books, and helping to fund the daily expenses of operating a university campus.

Words are not adequate to express how much I value our alumni family.

Your brother in Christ,

Lynn R. Laughlin
Vice President of Alumni Services

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