Lynn Laughlin

In my 50 years of being a part of this campus and as an employee and administrator, transitions are nothing new to me. I have been here to see the “changing of the guard” of every president LBI, LCC/S, and LCU have had. I was here to see us become a fully accredited university with three schools. I have watched as we became an impressive campus with beautiful buildings and surroundings. I learned the skills, along with everyone else, as we mastered a journey into technology that has been a quantum leap into the 21st century.

Winston Churchill once said, “History will be good to me, for I intend to write it.” This is the same kind of resolve that is taking us into a new academic year. We are in excellent leadership hands with Dr. Don Green serving as President and with his cabinet, as each fulfill their roles to shape what will be an important part of our history in the making.

Our strategic goals are not solely dependent on the efforts of those who “steer this big ship,” but will also be successful to the extent that our alumni, friends, and churches will continue to partner with us. Our alumni have helped us make history since the very beginning. At this particular time, our future will be as good to us as God’s people are able to help shape it.

If our history interests you, you might be amazed to learn how the Alumni have grown in their financial partnership. I looked at some old Alumni newsletters from 1982 and found this: “The Alumni executive committee recently adopted the most aggressive single year fund-raising effort in our history with an alumni fund goal of $50,000.” And in 2014, here we are . . . having increased our annual commitment to LCU to $245,000.

I am grateful for what has been realized over the years because of God’s blessings through our alumni. The opportunity to send your financial gift online can be done right now or later at your convenience by clicking on the “give” link below. I thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Grateful for the past and secure in the future,

Lynn R. Laughlin
Associate Vice President of Alumni Services

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