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The online MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is a 33-hour, 11-course teacher-training program. The program is designed to enable Christian adults with the hearts of servant leaders to teach English to speakers of other languages. It includes a 100-clock-hour practicum experience which can be completed at a location convenient to the student. The MA also includes a capstone research course bringing together the knowledge gained in the program with the specific needs and goals of the student. Lincoln Christian University's MA in TESOL is offered through the Hargrove School of Adult & Graduate Studies. For more information, please contact the program director, Miriam Windham.

Program Learning Outcomes

The online MA in TESOL program is intended to graduate students who:

  • Live faithfully by teaching with a Christ-like attitude and by modeling godly living for colleagues.
  • Think Biblically by applying Christian worldview thinking to all teaching and learning situations.
  • Grow intellectually by critically engaging theories of language teaching/learning and linguistics, developing a philosophy of teaching ESL/EFL, and engaging in critical research in the field.
  • Improve professionally by demonstrating skills appropriate for teaching ESL/EFL at desired levels.
  • Learn continually by acquiring graduate-level information literacy skills appropriate for lifelong learning in the field of education.
Program Delivery System

This program is offered completely online. Students can complete it in 21 months by taking two courses each fall, spring, and summer. Students generally take one class at a time with each course lasting seven weeks. A break of one or two weeks is taken between classes. New cohorts begin each fall and spring. Before taking the first TESOL course, students learn about LCU's online platform and resources in a 2-week online training course.

Graduate Online TESOL Certificate Option


HS 600 Introduction to Online Learning (2-week course) 0
Core Courses
ES 620 Theoretical Foundations for TESOL 3
ES 622 Introduction to Linguistics 3
ES 623 Cross-Cultural Aspects of TESOL 3
ES 625 Methods & Materials in Teaching ESL / EFL 3
ES 626 Assessments and Testing for ESL / EFL 3
ES 631 Curriculum Development 3
ES 701 TESOL Practicum (2 hours) 3
ES 710 Research in Education 3
Choose 3 of the following Elective Courses:2
ES 627 Teaching ESL Grammar 3
ES 628 Introduction to Applied Linguistics 3
ES 629 Teaching ESL Speaking and Listening 3
ES 630 Issues in Literacy 3

33 credit hours

  1. Any student with an undergraduate TESOL certificate should consult the program director to determine if he/she is eligible for a 30-hour MA degree. If the TESOL Certificate was for graduate credit and not applied to another graduate degree, all 18 hours may be evaluated for possible transfer credit. HS600, ES631, and ES710 are required regardless.
  2. Students may also fill one to two of the elective courses by choosing from either the online MA in Bible & Theology or the online MA in Intercultural Studies (both housed in the Hargrove School of Adult & Graduate Studies).

The MA TESOL program at Lincoln is well structured and contains an excellent blend of theoretical and practical learning. While engaged in the program, it was possible for me to live in various countries, maintain a full schedule of teaching commitments, and continue to serve others around me largely because of the strong support received from the professors and from the program director. I am very grateful for all of that support. It was exemplary.

Nancy Whytock


Miriam Windham
Program Director
Professor of TESOL and Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Spiritual Director Certification, Chiara Center
  • 45 semester hours of doctoral work completed, Illinois State University
  • MS, Illinois State University
  • TESOL Certification, Lincoln Christian University Seminary
  • BS, Elizabeth City State University
Gena Bennett
Active participant in the English language teaching field for more than 10 years. Currently developing curriculum for, and teaching, online ESL courses in addition to graduate adjunct teaching.

  • PhD, English / Applied Linguistics, University of Birmingham, UK
  • MA, Applied Linguistics, Georgia State University
  • BA, English, Arkansas Tech University
Donita Grissom
ESOL Curriculum Specialist and Developer

  • PhD, Education / TESOL, University of Central Florida
  • MEd, Specialty in ESOL, University of Florida
  • BS, Elementary Education, Southeast Missouri State University
Curt Reese
Teaching ESL at University of Texas at Austin and in the Teacher Training Program at Seoul National University through UT Austin.

  • PhD, Applied Linguistics, UT Austin
  • MA, TESOL, UT Austin
  • BA, Spanish, Abilene Christian University
Victoria Ruhl
Teaching ESL in Chicago area elementary school; former English Language Academy instructor at DePaul University.

  • MA, TESOL, University of Illinois Chicago
  • TESOL Certificate, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Bible and Education, Lincoln Christian University