MA in Spiritual Formation

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The MA in Spiritual Formation is a 12-course, 36-hour, graduate program offered through LCU's Hargrove School of Adult & Graduate Studies. This program enables Christian adults to practice the presence of God more deeply in their lives, their work, and their church. It focuses on classical and contemporary traditions of spiritual formation that can be applied in one's own setting, vocationally or a-vocationally. The program is intended primarily as a practitioner's degree, grounded in a Biblical worldview. The approach models Jesus' example of withdrawal / abandonment and service/attachment by understanding and applying the love of God alongside the love of neighbor. This is not a privatized degree, but focuses on both the individual and corporate nature of spiritual formation, which is a key reason why LCU partners with Eastview Christian Church (Normal, IL) in this program. This partnership approach affirms the strong relationship between college and congregation, between the academic discipline of spiritual formation and the practice of the disciplines, individually and communally in the church.

This partnership also enables us to offer this MA degree program for the reduced tuition rate of $418 per credit hour. A non-degree certificate option is also available

Program Learning Outcomes

The MA in Spiritual Formation is intended to graduate students who will:

  • Live faithfully by practicing the presence of God through spiritual formation principles and practices.
  • Think Biblically by understanding and applying spiritual formation in context of a Biblical worldview.
  • Grow intellectually by engaging classical/contemporary traditions of spiritual formation at a graduate level.
  • Improve professionally by demonstrating skills appropriate to directing spiritual formation programs.
  • Learn continually by developing a passion for lifelong learning where they live, work, and worship.
Program Delivery System

Most courses are classroom-based and meet on the campus of Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Illinois, which is 35 miles north of Lincoln, IL, on I-55. Students can complete this 12-course program in two years by taking two courses each fall, spring, and summer, with each course offered one at a time, one after the other. Courses are offered in an intensive weekend format. Four of the courses are completed through a practicum, an independent study, a major research project, and a capstone retreat. The program is cohort-based, with cohorts of 10-15 students beginning each fall. Before taking the first Spiritual Formation (SF) course, students learn about LCU's online platform and resources in a two-week online training course (HS 600).


SF 601 Introduction to Christian Spirituality 3
SF 602 Theology of Spiritual Formation 3
SF 603 Biblical Imagery of Formation 3
SF 604 Theology of the Holy Spirit 3
SF 605 Spiritual Formation Practicum* 3
SF 606 Christian Spirituality (Independent Study)* 3
SF 607 Readings in Christian Spirituality 3
SF 608 Spiritual Direction 3
SF 609 Theology of Service and Sabbath 3
SF 610 Prayer Practice 3
SF 611 Spiritual Formation Research Project* 3
SF 612 Capstone Retreat* 3

36 credit hours

* These four courses are not classroom-based; all others are offered at Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Illinois.


J.K. Jones, Jr.
Program Director
Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Eastview Christian Church

  • DMin, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • MA, Friends University
  • MA, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Lincoln Christian University
Rob Maupin
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

  • DMiss, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • MA, Wheaton College
  • BBL, Ozark Christian College
Chuck Sackett
Professor of Preaching
Pastor of Madison Park Christian Church, Quincy, IL

  • DMin, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Boise Bible College
Mark Scott
Pastor of Exposition and Leadership, Mountain View Community Christian Church, Highlands Ranch, CO.

  • DMin, Denver Seminary
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BBL, Ozark Christian College
Craig Smith
Pastor, First Christian Church, Grinnell, Iowa

  • DMin, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BS, Monmouth College
Neal Windham
Professor of Spiritual Formation

  • DMin, Azusa Pacific University
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • MA, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Lincoln Christian University