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Program Director, Dr. Rob McCord has recorded answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Master of Arts (MA) in Ministry degree. Just click the question, then watch and listen.

Why is Seminary important?

Listen closely as Dr. McCord explains why a seminary degree will be indispensable to you as a pastor, church leader, or layperson as you mature in your walk with Christ and in service to His kingdom.

Why a MA in Ministry in Indianapolis?

Why not have a Master's-level seminary degree in Indianapolis! Dr. McCord makes the case for Indy-area students to become fully equipped for every good work in the church, the community, at home, and abroad.

How is the program structured and how long will it take to complete?

Didn't think you could have scholarly learning and flexibility in one program? There's no compromise in instruction, content, or engagement as you begin your journey towards your MA in Ministry degree with Lincoln Christian Seminary.

What are "field experiences"?

The MA in Ministry degree would not be complete without field experiences. Find out how the field experience "customizes" your learning with "self-styled," hands-on courses.

How much will the MA in Ministry cost me?

Great news! When you compare LCU's program to similar programs across the nation, you'll discover its great value at a great price.

What is the program director's background?

Dr. Rob McCord shares his background, his passions, and why he believes the MA in Ministry is a perfect fit for the Indianapolis area.

What if I have more questions?

MA in Ministry program director, Dr. Rob McCord is happy to answer your questions. He provides his contact information right here. You may also contact Director of Seminary Admission Bob Monts.