MA in Bible & Theology

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The Master of Arts in Bible and Theology is a 12-course, 36-hour online graduate program, offered through LCU's Hargrove School of Adult & Graduate Studies. The MA in Bible and Theology seeks to help Christians understand the Scriptures holistically and to think theologically. This approach will inform and enrich their personal and professional lives, regardless of their vocations.

If you are a Christian who wants to delve more deeply into the unsearchable riches of Scripture, this program is for you. This program will provide a strong biblical and theological foundation for anyone serving the Church, as well as the workplace. Though it is a graduate degree, it is not a technical degree (no Greek or Hebrew requirements). The only two basic admission requirements are an accredited baccalaureate degree (in any area) and a longing to learn to think biblically and theologically ... to view the world from a biblical perspective. This program is not designed to prepare people for full-time, vocational ministry (check out our Seminary programs if this is your goal).

Program Learning Outcomes

The MA in Bible and Theology is intended to graduate students who:

  • Live faithfully by reflecting key biblical values in their personal and professional lives.
  • Think biblically by developing proficiencies in Bible study and in basic theology, particularly from the perspective of a biblical worldview.
  • Grow intellectually by thinking critically, learning collaboratively, and communicating effectively, especially in areas related to biblical and theological studies.
  • Improve professionally by demonstrating competencies in biblical understanding and theological thinking that are applicable to their professional settings.
  • Learn continually by acquiring graduate-level information literacy skills appropriate for lifelong learning in the field of Bible and theology.
Program Delivery System

This program is offered completely online for adult learners. All courses are seven weeks long, with two courses offered back-to-back each term (fall, spring, summer). There is a one-week break between classes. This format allows students to focus on one course at a time and complete the program in two years. The program is cohort-based with cohorts beginning each fall and spring. Before taking the first Bible and Theology (BT) course, students learn about LCU's online platform and resources in a two-week online training course (HS 600).


HS 600 Introduction to Online Learning (2-week course) 0
BT 609 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
BT 610 Introduction to the New Testament 3
BT 611 Introduction to Christian Theology 3
BT 614 Christian Worldview Studies 3
BT 615 Interpreting the Bible 3
BT 700 Capstone Project / Paper 3

Bible & Theology Electives*
18 credit hours

36 credit hours

* This 36-hour MA program allows up to 18 hours of transfer work, provided the courses being transferred are comparable in nature, are documented on an official transcript (with a grade of C or higher) from an accredited graduate institution, and are approved by the program director. Students who have completed comparable course work at Lincoln Christian Seminary (and not already applied to a degree) may transfer up to 27 hours.

The calendar of courses for this program may be found at this link (see last section on Graduate Programs Course Schedule).


Trevor Cochell
Program Director
Assistant Professor of Old Testament

  • PhD in Biblical Studies, Baylor University
  • MA, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA in Pastoral Ministry, Northwest Christian University
Steve Cone
Assistant Professor of Theology

  • PhD in Systematic Theology, Boston College
  • MA, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • MA, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA in the Classics: Classic Civilization, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Fred Johnson
Professor of New Testament

  • DMin, Emmanuel School of Religion
  • ThM, Covenant Theological Seminary
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Johnson Bible College
Robert Kurka
Professor of Theology and Church in Culture

  • DMin, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Crossroads College
Glenn Giles

  • PhD, Trinity Theological Seminary
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • ThM, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • BS, Colorado State University
Douglas Jacoby

  • DMin, Drew University
  • MTS, Harvard Divinity School
  • BA, Duke University and Oxford University
Steven Kinnard

  • DMin, Drew University
  • MDiv, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • BA, Freed-Hardeman College
Jeremy Miselbrook

  • PhD, Loyola University Chicago
  • ThM, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • MDiv, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • MA, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Saint Louis Christian College