DMin Preaching Specialization

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Superb biblical, theological, and hermeneutical foundations

Study under practitioners who preach & serve in local congregations

School founded on Earl C. Hargrove's cry "The preachers are coming!"

Integrated interdisciplinary thinking among worship, education, pastoral care, and other disciplines

Flexible course offerings do not require living in Lincoln, IL

Career Potential

Anyone who wants to preach in a local congregation can expect to be well-equipped by Lincoln Christian University. Those who want to teach in local churches will find themselves prepared to communicate scripture. Student ministers will be blessed by the preparation involved and be prepared to communicate the Gospel today and move into discipleship or preaching ministries if God calls them there.

William Sangster said, "...preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ is the highest, holiest activity to which a man can give himself: a task which angels might envy and for which archangels might forsake the court of heaven." Those called to the preaching ministry might realize there is nothing else they can do. Like Paul, they would say, "Woe is me if I don't preach the gospel." Or as Jeremiah, God's word is like a "fire shut up in my bones."

The DMin preaching specialization at Lincoln Christian Seminary is designed to prepare men and women who can lead in their congregations through the power of the preached word. Combined with the superb biblical land theological studies available at the Seminary, the preaching specialization prepares biblically literate and hermeneutically astute communicators of God's word.

One of the key strengths of LCU's DMin preaching specialization is its faculty. Dr. Chuck Sackett directs the program and teaches many of the classes. Dr. Sackett has 27 years of preaching experience in local churches and is currently preaching at the growing Madison Park Christian Church in Quincy, IL. Several of those years overlap with the 30 years he's been involved the preparation of ministry personnel through Lincoln Christian University.

Following more than two decades of teaching Bible and preaching at Ozark Christian College, Dr. Mark Scott now serves as the Exposition and Leadership Pastor at Mountainview Community Christian Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences and a respected and trusted teacher.

Dr. Jeff Snell (former DMin program director at LCU) continues to help shape the creative approaches to preaching for Lincoln Christian students.

Chuck Sackett Mark Scott Jeff Snell


DMIN 1000 Orientation to Doctor of Ministry Studies 0
DMIN 1002 Developing a Devotionally Shaped Ministry 4
DMIN 1003 Developing a Biblically Grounded Ministry 4
DMIN 1004 Developing a Culturally Sensitive Ministry 4
DMIN 1005 Developing an Effective Ministry Research Project 2
DMIN 1006 DMin Project 6
DMIN 1301 Improving the Content of Your Preaching 4
DMIN 1302 Improving the Impact of Your Preaching 4
DMIN 1303 Improving the Creativity of Your Preaching 4
DMIN 1304 Specialized Study in Preaching 4