Certificate in TESOL

This graduate-level TESOL Certificate is offered completely online. This option requires 18-credit hours of graduate TESOL courses, including ES620-626, ES 700, and the 0-credit HS 600. The courses are offered consecutively, enabling the student to complete the certificate within two semesters and one summer. Should the student decide to do so, continuing on to complete the MA in TESOL after completing the TESOL Certificate is a seamless process. The student will simply need to inform the Program Director and the Registrar of this decision. Please contact the Program Director, Miriam Windham, for further information.

ES 620 NET Second Language Acquisition 3
ES 622 NET Introduction to Linguistics 3
ES 623 NET Cross-Cultural Aspects of TESOL 3
ES 625 NET Methods & Materials in Teaching ELL 3
ES 626 NET Assessment & Testing for ELL 3
ES 700 NET TESOL Practicum* 3

*The Practicum requires 100-clock hours of field experience.