BA in Human Services

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The Human Services degree completion program provides adult learners the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to work with people in a human resource environment or in an entry-level social service agency. This degree also meets the prerequisites for the Lincoln Christian Seminary counseling program. This degree can help you become a more effective Christ-like servant leader.

Program Learning Outcomes

The BA in Human Services is intended to graduate students who will:

  • Live faithfully by submitting to the authority of Scripture as a guide to Christian living.
  • Think Biblically by understanding and applying a redemptive hermeneutic to helping and caring for people as a community.
  • Grow intellectually by critically interacting with historical and contemporary human resource and counseling theories, cultural and workplace diversity, worldviews, and ethics.
  • Improve professionally by demonstrating skills in human resource management and helping skills in an organizational environment as a servant leader who demonstrates grace, compassion, and justice.
  • Learn continually by developing a plan for lifelong learning where they live, work, and worship.
Program Delivery System

Courses are offered for adult learners onsite and online. All courses are six weeks long, with four courses offered each semester (fall and spring). This format allows students to focus on once course at a time and complete the program in a timely manner. Time of completion is determined by the amount of transfer work a student might have already completed.


General Education
Communication (6 hours written and 3 oral) 9
Humanities (including HI 241 and ID 101 9
Social Sciences 9
Math 3
Sciences (including at least 1 hour of lab) 7
Hargrove School
HS 290 Introduction to Adult Studies 3
HS 295 Dynamics of Self-Leadership 3
HS 297 Character and Ethics 3
Transferable Electives 15
BI 111 Introduction to the Bible 3
BI 264 Foundations of Bible Study 3
NT 143 Life of Christ 3
TH 261 Foundations of Biblical Theology 3
TH 320 Theology of Community 3
TH 491 Biblical Theology for Leadership 3
AD 395 Human Resource Management 3
AD 496 Conflict Management 3
SS 235 Marriage & Family 3
SS 249 Lifespan Developmental Psychology 3
SS 310 Organizational Behavior 3
SS 320 Social Science Research 3
SS 410 Cultural Diversity 3
SS 411 Ethics & Counseling 3
SS 412 Intro to Counseling Problems 3
SS 413 Intro to Counseling Skills 3
HS 499 Capstone Portfolio 0

12 credit hours

121 credit hours

All of the Hargrove School baccalaureate programs assume 61 hours of previous college coursework; including at least 37 hours in general education. Those not meeting these prerequisites may complete all or part of the Hargrove School's Associate of Arts degree program, which is specifically designed for adult learners, or they may take appropriate courses elsewhere. Students completing at least 15 hours of the associate degree here are eligible to receive an Associate of Arts from Lincoln Christian University.

* Students who have had any of these required courses may substitute other courses in Bible and Theology with the approval of the program director.


Deb Siltman
Program Director
Director of Academic Counseling

  • MAC, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Lincoln Christian University
Rick Champ

  • MA, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • BA, Lincoln Christian University
Tony Kirkman
Teaching ESL at University of Texas at Austin

  • MAC, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BS, Illinois State University
Belinda Landry
Associate Director of Student Success

  • MAC, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Summit Christian College
Bob Monts
Director of Seminary Enrollment

  • Doctoral work in process, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • MRE, MACM, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Lincoln Christian University
Rebecca Payne

  • MAC, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Lincoln Christian University
Cindy Pommrehn

  • MAC, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Central College
Brenda Sommer

  • MAC, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • BA, Lincoln Christian University