AA in Early Childhood Education

This degree requires 67 -75 semester hours in Bible and Theology, General Education, and Early Childhood Education courses with 155- 465 clock hours of supervised observation and experience in Early Childhood (Field Experiences, FE). To complete the program, students must demonstrate satisfactory professional dispositions, develop an electronic portfolio to demonstrate their achievement of specified Illinois teaching standards and complete first aid and infant/child CPR training. For more information, contact the program director, Karen Estep.

HI 280 History of the American Christianity and the Stone-Campbell Movement 3
ID 101 An Introduction to World Views 3
ID 201 Ancient Civilizations 3
LA 111 Intro to Written Composition 3
LA 113 Introduction to Speech 3
SC 155 Biology & Society 3
MA 161 Mathematical Reasoning 11 3
Choose one of the following:
SS 171 Principles of Psychology 3
SS 164 Introduction to Sociology 3
BI 111 Introduction to Bible 3
BI 270 Interpreting Christian Scriptures 3
NT 204 Intro to Jesus & Gospels 3
TH 160 Basic Christian Beliefs 3
EC 101 Introduction to Professional Ed. Studies 2
EC 126 Phonics in Review2 1
EC 134 Introduction to Early Childhood Ed. 3
20 FE
EC 147 Health, Safety, & Nutrition 3
EC 221 Teaching Pre-Primary Curriculum 2
15 FE
EC 234 Child, Family, & Community 3
EC 237 Survey of the Exceptional Child 3
30 FE
EC 238 Child Growth & Development 3
10 FE
EC 243 Care of Infants & Toddlers 3
10 FE
EC 254 EC Practicum I (Restoration Week)2 4
35 FE
EC 255 EC Practicum II (Restoration Week)2 4
35 FE
EC 290 Professional Portfolio for ECE 3
EC 448 Colloquy 0
EC 450 Christian Educator Symposium 0

This program meets Level 4 requirements for two Illinois credentials: Early Childhood Credential Level 4 and Infant Toddler Credential Level 4 as described by Illinois Gateways to Opportunity. Those desiring the Illinois Director Credential Level 1 need to complete the 8 additional hours listed below.

EC 246 Org. / Admin. for EC Directors 2
10 FE
EC 261 Director's Practicum I3 3
150 FE
EC 262 Director's Practicum II3 3
150 FE

67-75 credit hours
155-465 hours field experience

A passing grade in Chapel and Service Learning is required during each semester in which you are taking 12 or more hours of credit.

  1. Prerequisite: MA 099 Intermediate Algebra or College Algebra with a C or better, a score of 18 or higher on the ACT test or a passing grade on LCU's Mathematics Placement Test.
  2. The 67-hour program meets Level 4 requirements for both the Illinois ECE (Early Childhood Education) Credential and IT (Infant Toddler) Credential as described by Illinois Gateways to Opportunity, requiring two professional contributions in two different areas within the last five years (one must be in program improvement).
  3. Two additional two professional contributions are likewise required of individuals desiring the Level 1 IDC (Illinois Director Credential) when they complete the additional 8 hours of classes for this credential: EC 246 Organization and Administration for Early Childhood Directors (2 credit hours + 10 FE), EC 261 Director's Practicum I (3 credit hours + 150 FE), and EC 262 Director's Practicum II (3 credit hours + 150 FE).

Additional Training
Infant / Child CPR and First Aid

Infant / Child CPR and First Aid courses are required of all candidates, to be done by the summer after the first year with certification maintained through June 1 of the graduating year. To find a course, visit www.redcross.org.

Phonics Proficiency Test

All candidates will be required to pass with 90% accuracy the LCU Phonics Proficiency Test. The written test must be completed by November 1st of the freshman year and can be accessed on Angel. Study Materials are available to review prior to taking the Phonics Proficiency Test. Remediation: Candidates who are unable to meet the test requirements must sign up for EC 126 Phonics in Review to be taken during the spring of the freshman year.