Intensive Week Options

Unique to Lincoln Christian University, is our Intensive Week class option. An intensive week is pretty well defined by its name - an intensive and focused time of study in the classroom to complete an entire course in one week. These courses typically require some advance preparation and post classroom project completion. Students find a variety of reasons to enroll in Intensive Week classes.

Seminary Students may combine Intensive week courses with online courses in order to complete a degree without relocating to Lincoln, Il. See each degree program for specifics concerning distance requirements.

Residential Undergraduate students find a variety of other reasons to enroll in intensive week courses. Those reasons include the opportunity to move into the dorms a week earlier in the fall; they are able to complete an additional course each semester shortening their time toward degree completion; and sometimes, you just want to get a course over with in less than 16 weeks.

Residence Hall housing is offered to students enrolled in Intensive Week courses as available. Seminary students may also choose to stay at one of the local motels. Visit the appropriate "Course Schedule" link to find out what courses have been scheduled for the next intensive week period.