Campus Security

In an after hours emergency, contact Security at 217-737-0159.

Statement of Campus Law Enforcement

Campus security personnel are authorized to detain but not to arrest individuals suspected of crime. Security personnel will immediately contact the Lincoln Police Department if an arrest is imminent. They will also submit a report including campus crime and security warnings to the Administration. The Administration will report possible felonies to the Lincoln Police Department immediately.

Statement of Campus Facility Security

All campus facilities, including dormitories, will be locked at designated times. These facilities will be unavailable for access without proper credentials. Campus security personnel will conduct security rounds daily.

Statement of Student and Employee Security Procedures

All students and employees are encouraged to utilize safe security practices and are required to report alleged crimes or other emergencies to the Administration, campus security personnel, or other officials of Lincoln Christian University.

Annual Campus Crime /Security Report

The U.S. Department of Education maintains annual reports of campus security status. Please visit the DoE report for LCU.